Monday, September 9, 2013

Shawls, more shawls, and school.

School is kicking my ass. Seriously.

Classes started two weeks ago and already I've had two major stress melt downs and have
gotten sick once. NEVER TAKING TIME OFF AGAIN! I feel like I'm behind of everything, even though we just started school. I'm hoping that once I get more into the groove of homework and papers and tests I will be less of a nervous wreck. 

So far I am mostly enjoying my classes. 
I loooove my "Love and Work in 19th Century Literature" class. It is really interesting and the professor is a lot of fun,  but it is a senior level class so there is a LOT of work.
 I like my Lit. Analysis class, but it is a little boring sometimes because a lot of it the last couple weeks has been review.  I love my professor because she is French and has the best accent ever. 
I also really like my art class, just because I love drawing, but the professor is one of the hardest graders I have ever had for art. That class is the one that is kicking my ass. I am the only one is the class that is not an art major, and she expects us to spend at least 6 hours outside of class doing homework and working on projects. Gaah. 

Milo got his little kitty balls removed last week and he is just as rambunctious and silly as ever. It definitely has not changed his personality AT ALL which is good news. We have been supposed to keep him from running or jumping all week, which has been pretty much impossible. How are you supposed to keep a kitten from playing??

I have not had a ton of time to knit, so I've mostly just been busy finishing projects that I already had on the needles, BUT I did somehow find time to start and finish two shawls since the last time I posted. SPEED KNITTING! So, all the knitting I have to share with you are finished projects. 
I'm going to make the rest of this post quick because Milo decided it's time to try to take a nap on the keyboard. 

Finished Objects:

1) I finished my lovely Henslowe

I am so happy with it! It is squishy and soft and the color is lovely.So this is the Henslowe by Beth Kling. I knit it on size US 5 (3.75 mm) needles with Knit Picks Capretta in Celestial. 

2) I test knit a pattern for a designer 

A lot of times when an independent designer makes a new pattern they will ask people online to test knit it for them to make sure that it is written correctly and there are no errors. This is the Rosewood Shawl by Rose Jordan and I made it as a Christmas present for someone secret. I used size US 9 (5.5 mm) needles and Caron Simply Soft in Carnation. 

3) Last but not least, I knit shawl with some of my hand spun

This is the Gale's Art Polwarth that I finished spinning and plying last post. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this shawl. Oh my god the colors. GORGEOUS! This is the Holden Shawlette which I knit with size US 6 (4.0 mm) needles and my hand-spun. I am so pleased with how it turned out. 

4) I also finished Molly's shawl! 
I will add photos HERE after I am done blocking it.

I knit this shawl using Liz Corke's Storm Warning pattern with US 6 (4.0 mm) needles and Jo-Ann Sensations Cuddle in Lilac.

No works in progress right now, but I do have a sweater I am planning to knit. It's called the Troian by Vanessa Smith and it is lovely. I am planning on overdyeing some neon purple yarn to make it a sort of dark plum color and using that to knit it. 

Stashy Stash

Some of this was actually purchased before my last post, but hadn't arrived yet. 

TWO large sweater's quantities for only $15 each! WHAT!

I got this free with my purchase. WEEE

2450 yards of laceweight merino for only $15!

This was a gift from moutons on Ravelry
Another sweater's quantity for 12 dollars!
Can you tell I want to knit some sweaters?


I thought I would share a couple of my most recent drawings and sketches with you. Remember it's been a year since I've drawn seriously, so some of these are not my best work. And if you want to share these pictures, please be sure to credit me. 


My hand

My hand again

in class model

Thanks for reading! I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your week, and keep your fingers crossed that Fall weather comes soon.